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I paint, I draw, I design, I present, I dream ideas


Expo: "Join the Reunion", Tilburg, The Netherlands

A shirt in iron frame honoring Zeus Hoenderop.
Festival Imagination

Festival Imagination

Expo: Video and Light Installation, Pijnakker, The Netherlands

An installation during the "Imagination" festival.
Festival Imagination

Festival Imagination

Project: 'Tiny Packages of Art and Reality'

Tiny art objects of colliding realities and imaginative worlds.


Expo: "Vruchtbare Grond" - Open Expo, Schiedam, NL

Open Expo Schiedam in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.
Four days, four museum rooms, 136 participating artists and a program full of lectures, workshops, performances,
concerts, etc.
Open Expo, Schiedam

Open Expo, Schiedam

Installation: "Twyns"

With the Open Expo in Schiedam as a trigger, Jolanda Peeters and myself have created an installation in which our way
of collaborating in the process of creating art is symbolized.


Artist Residency - WAAW, St. Louis, Senegal

Spring 2018 Artist Residency period in St. Louis, Senegal. In St. Louis, many aspects of my
artistic interests are vividly present, but in a totally different way than in my well known western
A very intense period inspiring me to create some radical fashion designs.
Me, Mass, Hysteria

Me, Mass, Hysteria

Installation: 'Me, Mass, Hysteria'

An installation, together with Jolanda Peeters, about the tilting moments of mass hysteria.
Me, Mass, Hysteria

Me, Mass, Hysteria


Project: Furniture design

In 2017, after many years, I have restarted my furniture design and construction projects.
The remake of an old design plus a number of new designs.
Furniture Design

Furniture Design

Expo: DAR 22 - Delft, NL

An installation of light and movement. Together with Jolanda Peeters in Delft, NL
Atumn Salon 2017

Autumn Salon

Expo: Autumn Salon, Kadmium - Delft ,NL

One of my statues from the series 'Duplicating Jesus' was presented at the Autumn Salon at the Prinsenkwartier
in Delft, NL
Atumn Salon 2017

Autumn Salon

Expo: Spring Salon, Kadmium - Delft, NL

Together with fellow artists from the artist network Kadmium I presented a work at the Prinsenkwartier in Delft, NL
LenteSalon 2017

Autumn Salon

Project: On the Waterline (Rotterdam, NL)

" On the Waterline" is a project where artists and maritime engineers redefine the way in which we will interact with
water in the future. During 8 weeks they build a work of art in the center of Rotterdam.

Autumn Salon


Expo: Autumn Salon / Open Atelier - Delft, NL

During the Autumn Salon artists from the artist collective Kadmium, show their work in the beautiful Prinsenhof
in Delft, NL. Together with Jolanda Peeters I give an overview of recent work during the Open Atelier event in
parallel with the Autumn Salon.

Autumn Salon

Expo/project: Canal Art - Group Exposition - Delft, NL

Together with Jolanda Peeters, I made a work to be exhibited on the canals of Delft, the Netherlands.
During a month the work reflects on its position in the city and adapts itself through time.

Canal Art

Project: Duplicating Jesus - On going

In the Bonnefanten museum in Maastricht, the Netherlands, I was struck by emotions when I saw a medieval
statue of Jesus. this project I Would it be possible to copy the statue with new techniques and preserve the
emotional value?

Statue of Jesus


Expo: Graduation Event, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL

Masters:   Karin Arink, Desiree de Baar, Juan Beladrich, Rolf Engelen, Sjoerd Westbroek
External:   Gerben Willers
Have a look at some work from my graduation expo.


Expo: Five Points of Connection - Group expo, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Year Master:  Thom Puckey
Master:           Geoff Diego Litherland
Artists:            Bram Demunter, Dawn West, Michelle Verscheijden, Gerrit Bruins.

Get an impression of the expo in Nottingham.
Expo Nottingham

Backlit, Nottingham, UK

Expo: Kontoeren - Group expo, Rotterdam, NL

Anna Bondt          Christine Boon            Leontine Brugmans
Gerrit Bruins         Eveline de Jonge        Leon Moleveld
Lenny O.              Jolanda Peeters          Ariane Touw          Opening speech by ZoĆ« D. Cochia,Gallery Niffo.

Get an impression of the show in Rotterdam.
Expo Niffo

Kontoeren expo, Rotterdam


Expo: On Track 01- Group exposition on platform 1 of the new Central Station in Rotterdam

Get an impression of the show.
Expo Rotterdam

On Track Expo, Rotterdam

Project: IWMI - It wasn't my idea

Going for 144 paintings: 48 triptychs. Taking orders from my digital art machine, I convert pixels into oil paint
on canvas.
Get an impression of the show.
Also check IWMI on Facebook.

IWMI on Facebook


Project: Open Design for a Butterfly

We shape life through technology. But we also destroy life with technology.
An Open Design researching the borders of life creation.

Open Design for a Butterfly

Project: Living Jewelry

Meditating our relationship with nature through the daily routine of wearing living jewelry.
Living Jewelry

Living Jewelry

Project: A Flock of Art Objects

A flock of art objects landed at the building site of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam the Netherlands.

A Flock of Art


Project: Authentic Oil Paintings from China

Images created by my digital art machine, hand-painted by Chinese oil painters. No need for me, as an artist,
to be involved in the process.
Check out the process and results.
Get an impression of the show.

Oil Painting China